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diane hernandez
My life is more balanced than ever before

Absolutely love this planner.

Jennifer Roidt

I love this planner - right balance and the daily sheets are perfect for keeping me focused

Lisa Gutro
More balanced life

This planner motivated me (finally) to set goals and make time for them in all areas of my life. It has good prompts to set the goals and a good layout to plan the months, weeks and days. It is working well to ensure all the daily todos don’t completely crowd out what I really want to do. Thanks for the thoughtful layout.

Rachel Chinnock
Best. Planner. Ever.

I’m a project management consultant. I am CONSTANTLY planning, jotting down tasks, tracking progress, and at least attempting to make a dent in alllllofthethings before me. I’ve become a time management junkie - trying out different systems and approaches to see what works for me. And sometimes it’s just a piece of something that works, and I incorporate that. I have 2 work calendars, a paper personal calendar, and another paper work to-do list/notebook. 🤪 AND I recently discovered the single most amazing planner that helps me make sense of it all - Goal Crazy. It takes all of my priorities- work/personal/life goals - and brings them all into one place. I have space to practice daily gratitude AND formulate a *prioritized* plan of attack for my day for all fronts. In the last 90 days, I’ve learned a LOT about myself and I’ve gotten a LOT of shit done. If you’re struggling staying productive or figuring out where to start tackling your to-do list, I HIGHLY recommend trying this planner out.

Super Salad Bar

I've tried other planners, this one I always feel like picking up and carrying around with me. Wonderful layout, simple but effective!

Janet Santellano

Goal Crazy 90 Day Undated Planner & Journal