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040: Hustle Beats Smarts ft. Evan Giffels

Have you ever had the feeling that you weren’t smart enough to achieve big goals? Maybe you feel like in order to achieve the success you want you would need to go back to college, take courses, or be a naturally smarter individual. Can you relate to that?


Over the years of meeting with and interviewing successful individuals, yes I found that being smart helps! However, the DOMINANT determinant to their success is not their intelligence level… it is the level of action they take. If you are highly intelligent but don’t take action, you will make little progress. Compared to taking massive action regardless of your education level, you will experience massive changes in your life.


In the this podcast episode Evan Giffels shares with us his journey to starting his real estate business and leaving his job. What really inspires me about Evan is how he takes high levels of action and learns from his action. He was able to grow a successful business in a niche he was unfamiliar with. But, by doing this, he has now become an expert in his field AND has a real estate portfolio as a result of all his hard work!


You can connect with Evan Giffels:

Instagram: @TheEvanDanteShow

YouTube: TheEvanDanteShow

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