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049: No Degree, No Problem! The Journey of a Young Entrepreneur ft. Ryan Chicolski


In this episode, Jason interviews Ryan Chicoski, the 21-year-old owner of Brothers Power Washing & Painting. Ryan shares the story of starting his landscaping business at age 16, then pivoting to pressure washing after seeing the trend on TikTok. He made an early decision to drop out of college after just one year, feeling it wasn't providing enough value compared to the cost. He also brought on his younger brother Ethan to run the painting division, leveraging his sibling's hard work ethic.

Throughout the conversation, Ryan explains the importance of finding mentors, taking action despite fear, and not being afraid to put yourself out there as an entrepreneur. He talks about his experience getting into stand-up comedy as a way to improve his public speaking and get comfortable with being uncomfortable. He also shares advice for other young people considering starting their own business, simply urging them to take that first step rather than overthinking it.

Enjoy the episode!

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