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053: Dreaming with Purpose: The Journey of Pursuing "God-sized" Dreams ft. Dan Dematte

In this episode of Goal Crazy Podcast, Jason sits down with Dan DeMatte, co-founder of Damascus, one of the fastest growing youth and young adult retreat ministries in the area. Their sprawling 500-acre campus serves over 25,000 young people annually through summer camps, retreats, and programs designed to transform lives. Dan shares his inspiring story of turning his dream for a world-class retreat center into a reality over a 20-year journey.

He opens up about the crucial phases of personal development, clearly communicating the vision, and finding investors to really get traction. Dan provides wisdom on differentiating between ego-centric and God-given dreams, partnering with God to solve the world's problems, and having the courage to pursue your dreams despite rejection or discouragement. His passion for empowering the next generation rings through as he discusses the deeply fulfilling rewards of this work.

Enjoy the episode.
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