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Why Every New Parent Needs a Planner

Why Every New Parent Needs a Planner

Guest Post by Lisa Sitwell

If you didn't embrace the idea of using a planner before becoming a parent, you should definitely try it after kids are involved. A paper planner gives you somewhere to organize your thoughts, keep your to-do lists, and reflect on your days. Every new parent needs one for some very important reasons.

Reduces Stress

Having information in one planner helps you reduce stress because it's easy to access what you need. You can write down notes in one place instead of trying to use scraps of paper to keep up with your appointments. Kids have appointments with doctors, play dates with friends, and school engagements. A planner gives you a way to document everything so you don't overbook. A planner can help even the busiest parent feel calmer because of how easy it is to organize. You can also use your journal to write down things you are grateful for and highlights from your day. Gratitude is a proven way to reduce stress, and your journal will enable you to look back at all the things you appreciate.

Helps Child Development

Children tend to enjoy schedules and routines. A planner gives you a place to track what schedule works best for your child and take notes on your child's development. You can also jot down notes on what is working and what is not when it comes to helping your child reach a developmental milestone. You can even use it to share your potty training plan so it continues to go smoothly. Charting the progress a child makes and looking for patterns when you see regression helps you figure out what your child needs. Keeping all of this information in your planner means that you and other caretakers have easy access anytime you need it.

Teaches Kids Prioritizing

Parents who use planners will likely raise kids who use planners. Using a planner helps you teach your child how you prioritize your day, and these skills will come in handy as your child ages. You can show examples of how you grocery plan, make to-do lists, and mark off or move things as needed. This process often helps adults keep their days organized, and these strategies can work wonders for kids who are forgetful or have trouble staying on task.

Having a planner means creating a place for you that keeps you organized and on top of things. If you are a parent, a planner is a must.

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