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One way the coronavirus pandemic can IMPROVE your life

One way the coronavirus pandemic can IMPROVE your life

So, first of all, I want to say that if you have the coronavirus, I wish you a healthy recovery and will be keeping you all in my prayers. It is a horrible sickness, and I wish you and your families the best as you recover through it.

For all of those who do not have it, be safe! Wash your hands, avoid large crowds, and be smart! I know this virus is a hardship for everyone as many businesses are temporarily shutting down. So the smarter we are about staying healthy, hopefully, the faster it will get resolved.

However, with all the fear and worry that is being pushed out in the news about the virus, I wanted to help by sharing one positive aspect of it.  And, that is...


that everything is getting canceled!

Which sounds terrible, but let me explain...

So earlier this week, I had a TON of stuff planned for this weekend. I had an overnight retreat, St. Patricks Day gathering with friends, and a fundraiser dinner. However, over the past day, ALL of these activities got canceled! My schedule is now COMPLETELY OPEN! I have free time!

It is SO rare that you actually have free time in your schedule!

I imagine that if you start to think about how your life will start to be affected by the coronavirus, you will probably also realize that many events will be getting canceled and removed from your schedule too... and therefore giving you more free time!

Which, makes me think of the question... 


What will you do with this extra time?

Will you fill that free time with TV? Or will you take advantage of the time, and use it to improve your life?

During this free time, what would you like to learn? What book would you like to read? What project do you want to get started on?

This can be a great opportunity to start working on many of those goals you have not been able to get to.

If you do not have a plan for how you will use this free time, it will typically get filled with other activities (most likely TV or errands). So come up with a plan!


Make a plan to use this extra time!

If you need help holding yourself accountable to use this time wisely, check out the GoalCrazy Planner. Now can be the perfect time for you to create a plan to accomplish your goals and get started on them... and GoalCrazy can help!

So, let's make the most of this terrible virus by using our free time wisely! Checkout the GoalCrazy Planner so that you can use this time to improve your life!

Keep up the great work! Stay healthy!

Jason V.

PS: Because of the coronavirus, my supplier for the planners has temporarily closed.  Because of that, the inventory we currently have is all I have! If you want to make the most of this new time in your schedule, order your planner NOW while we still have inventory left!

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