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5 Questions To Ask Yourself To Prepare For An AMAZING 2020 [free printable download]

5 Questions To Ask Yourself To Prepare For An AMAZING 2020 [free printable download]


Start 2020 with a plan!


2020 Is basically here! Are you ready for the new year? 

When preparing for the start of the year, it is helpful to start with some reflection on your previous year. Download our FREE 5 Quick Questions To Prepare For 2020 to help you start on your 2020 goals!


Here are 5 questions to ask yourself to prepare for 2020. Download the free printable download here to follow along


What did you accomplish in 2020?

Let’s start with your accomplishments. Writing out your accomplishments will put you into a happier state of mind. Many times it is easy to just think about all the things you didn’t accomplish, and it brings you down. No matter who you are, there is no doubt that you have accomplished A TON! So, take some time to write it all out. 


What did you intend to do, but not get done?

What were those things you told yourself you would accomplish this year but never got around to? What were some of the commitments you wanted to make but didn't? Writing this out can help give you clarity and hold yourself accountable to accomplish them this year. By simply putting them on paper it shows you where you came up short last year and where you will need to improve in 2020. 


What has been holding you back?

Now for the interesting part... write down some of your fears. As ironic as it seems, many of you will be scared to put your fears in writing... which is understandable! However, if you are too afraid to put your fears in writing, how do you expect to overcome them? How has keeping your fears bottled up in your head worked out this far? If you want your life to change in 2020, you must start doing something different. So, start by writing out your fears! What was holding you back from taking action last year? What obstacles came up that prevented you from accomplishing what you wanted?


What is your most impactful goal for 2020 and what benefits will it bring you by achieving it?

Choosing one primary goal for 2020 will help give you focus. I am sure you have lots of goals for 2020, but which will make the largest impact in your life? If you could only accomplish one of them, which would you want it to be?

Think about why you want it? What benefits will accomplishing it bring you? What will you have more of? What will you have less of? Who will you help? How will it impact your life?


What can you do every day for 15 minutes that will move you in the direction of this goal?

Now for the most important part.... how will you get there? Try to break your goal down into its simplest behavior that will get you there. If your goal is to close more sales, prospecting for an extra 15 minutes each day might be the behavior that will help you get there. Or, maybe reading a sales book for 15 minutes every night. If your goal is to lose weight, you could commit to taking an extra 15 minutes each day to pack a healthy lunch. Whatever your goal is, think of one small behavior or habit you can commit to doing every day that will move you closer.


Check it out!

Download our FREE 5 Questions To Prepare For 2020. Answer these quick 5 questions and get a start on building your plan for 2020. 

Need more help?

Want to take an even larger step towards your 2020 goals? Checkout the GoalCrazy 90 day planner and journal and see how it can help you discover what your goals are, build a plan to achieve them, and then track your progress daily! Check it out below.

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