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About Jason VanDevere:

I guess I have always been a bit crazy. Whether it was selling sunglasses in high school, hats in: college, publishing two IOS apps, and now currently owning and managing apartments, I have always loved the challenge of starting a business. Because of this passion, I have always loved learning about successful individuals and how they think, behave, and achieve their goals. I read a crazy amount of self-help books and go to several motivational conferences every year because I love hearing peoples success stories.

After college, I worked for my family's business (VanDevere Auto Group) for about a year and a half, before I decided to turn down the amazing opportunity of going into the business with my family, to start this business and literally, go crazy ;)

How the "craziness" started:

One of the routines I got into when I graduated from college was taking successful individuals out to lunch (best investment ever). I LOVED hearing about how many of them started their businesses or developed within their career. I was always intrigued by the routines and habits these successful individuals had. One of the unexpected commonalities I started to notice amongst the successful individuals I met with was that they were literally crazy. Honestly! It seemed like the more successful they were, the crazier they were! They were obsessed with their cause and willing to take HUGE, risky, action towards achieving their goals. Many of their habits seemed crazy, too! Ranging from taking ice cold showers, recording themselves saying affirmations, to working incredible hours... these people were CRAZY about reaching their goals.

Why the GoalCrazy Planner was made:

I have been writing down my dreams and goals since I was a young kid, and it has been so rewarding to be able to look back at all of the goals I have set for myself and how they have become real! When I graduated from college, I decided to start journaling. I wanted a way to track my progress to make sure I was taking all the actions I needed to. However, with any goal you set, just writing the goal out and making a plan is the easy part. The hard part is actually taking action and doing the work. So for me, what I really wanted was something that gave me accountability to take action!

About a year into journaling and having great results, I wondered if there were journals or planners out there that were specifically designed to help people set and track their goals. And there WAS… well, kind of. If all you are looking for in a planner or journal is a few lines to write your goals on, then yes, those do exist. However, I wanted WAY more than that. I wanted a planner that wasn’t actually a planner… I wanted a coach.

After realizing something like this didn’t exist I decided I would create one! I quit my job at my families dealership and spent over 7 months interviewing successful individuals to learn their habits and strategies for setting and achieving their goals. I then started hosting focus groups where I would take people through the design I had made from these interviews to make sure it made sense and worked! (Trust me, the first couple versions of the planner were TERRIBLE! Huge thank you to all those people who helped me make this) Yes, I am the person who compiled all the information in this planner. However, the content came from studying and interviewing many successful, crazy, individuals. 

One Goal: To make YOU crazier!

Let's be crazy together! Use the planner and free resources here to help motivate yourself to take action!