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Definitions of terms used


An objective you are working toward



Something you would like, but may or may not actually work towards achieving. These may be unrealistic. For example, you may have a dream of owning a house in every state. Althought, you may have a goal of owning your first home.


Long Term Goals

Goals that are 5 to 10 years in the future, or longer!


Short Term Goals

Goals that are less than 5 years out. Often times 1 year or 90 day goals. Ideally, these goals will be working to build your long term goals.


Most Impactful Goal

Ideally, should be a 90 day goal that it priority over your other goals. What is the goal that you are focusing the most one. Having one goal that you are primarily working on at a time will help to keep you focused.


Life's Wheel

Diagram that will show you how you are performing in each area of your life. Which areas are you doing well at? Which areas do you need to improve on?


Dream List

This is a list of all your dreams. These do NOT have to be realistic or attainable goals. This is a list of everything you have ever wanted, whether or not you actually plan on going out and achieving it. You will use this list to create and choose your goals.



GoalCrazy is a verb. It means to work like CRAZY towards your goal.


Undated Planner

This is a form of planner with no dates. This allows you to start the planner at anytime. Also, if you were to accidentally miss a day or week, you can pick back up where you left off.


Guided Journal

A form of journal that gives headings and section titles to guide your journaling.



Clear, Realistic, Attainable, Zippy, and Yahoo.