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Scott Robertson

Goal Crazy 90-Day Undated Planner & Journal.

Andrew Golub
Absolute excellent planner

One of my goals is to increase my income, and many new opportunities have presented themselves since using the planner. It is a great tool.

Christy M.
a pleasant surprise

I was skeptical of this whole thing from the beginning. I'm generally content with my life and don't really have any "big dreams" so much as a desire to improve my every day life through mindfulness, zazen meditation, exercise, going outdoors more, starting work on time, etc. A lot of the prep work at the beginning (and there is a LOT of prep work) is focused on concrete, measurable long-term goals, but I was able to adapt it to suit my purposes and decided to give it a try.

I am about 2.5 weeks into using the journal on a daily basis and I do kind of love it. I have been able to use it to great effect for my modest goals. My favorite part about it is the daily planning aspect, it's absolutely wonderful to be able to pick out a handful of tasks that are most important that day - and the way I strive for balance is including both work tasks and self-care tasks like those mentioned above. It's flexible enough that it accommodates the fact that my needs change daily. Some days my most important task is work-related and some days it's just going for a walk. I even eked through some meaningful sick days with this journal, emphasizing true rest and reminding myself not to overdo it. The weekly planner has also enabled me to fit in more of the things I want to do - like study the Buddhist sutras, go outside every day, and do some reading related to my (private) number one goal. As a result my life is more full of the things I want in it. It's nice to check in with the journal in the middle of the day to see how I'm progressing and help me re-focus on my goals if necessary. I also appreciate the evening reflection, and I think the fact that the space is limited in the daily section is actually to its benefit - I find it's helpful to summarize my day and key takeaways in a concise way. The daily habit card is another clever addition, and keeps me on track.

The only caveats I would add is that something about the tone of the introductory text was really off-putting to me, veering into toxic positivity or like pressure to "dream big." That's not really my thing. I would also mention that the "spirituality" measure is a little theistic, defining "spirituality" as daily prayer, as opposed to say, meditation or chanting. It would have been trivially easy for them to change "I pray regularly" to "I engage in some spiritual practice regularly." Just something to acknowledge that there are a lot of different way to be spiritual.

Overall though, I am so glad I found this journal (thanks to Catherine Price and the Power of Fun squad - she mentions it in her book.) Now that I have it, it's hard to imagine parting with it. I would encourage anyone on the fence to give it a try.

Great system

I am enjoying the set up and the areas of focus are better than other journals through the years, I highly recommend this journal!

Dawn Merchant
100% recommend !

The continued support and tips from GoalCrazy makes all the difference! Great job!

Mark Evanoff
Essential Tool

I've read many books on productivity and performance, and this planner helps me wrap them all together. It encapsulates all of the current thinking on how to do what matters most, including your "why" and winning the week (note, three different schools in one). Of course this planner has it's uniqueness. The main premise is to understand where you are, create your vision and act on it. It breaks everything out in manageable "chunks". One quarter (10,000 foot view) and weekly (where the rubber meets the road). I like this so much that I will be buying it as gifts for my mentees. If you haven't tried this, I highly recommend it. Give it a try for 90 days and track the difference in your focus and performance.