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022: Follow Your Goals Without Compromise ft. Athletic Brewing Co-Founder, John Walker

Have you ever noticed how much more energy you have when you don’t drink alcohol? If you have ever tried taking a “dry” month, you probably realized you felt better! However, if you are also someone who really enjoys a beer, then you are stuck in a dilemma. Luckily, creative entrepreneurs such as John Walker have worked to solve this problem.


In the latest episode, we have the co-founder of Athletic Brewing, John Walker come join us. Athletic Brewing is an innovative, quickly growing brewer that specializes in non-alcoholic beverages… that taste great! They were recognized as the 26th fastest growing privately held company by Inc. Magazine in 2022, and also named in Time's Magazine's 100 Most Influential Companies list.


If you live in the USA, their beers are most likely sold at your local grocery store!


Learn more about John Walker and Athletic Brewing:




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