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Benefits of a 90 day planner

Benefits of a 90 day planner

Why a 90 day planner?

There are tons of different planners out there, many of which are a year or even two years long! What is the benefit of using a 90 day planner vs a full year planner? And why not something shorter? Why not a 60 day planner?

There are many reasons why the GoalCrazy planner is 90 days, and why we believe it is the best for focusing on your goals! 


8 reason's why we believe 90 days is the perfect length for your goal planner!


1. Get's you laser-focused

90 days is not that long of a time. You cannot focus on a whole bunch of things over 90 days because you will not have enough time to get them all done. This narrowness forces you to prioritize your goals and choose ONE to focus 100% over the next 90 days. 

2. Review your yearly goals 4 times

By using 90 day increments for your goals, it will force you to review your yearly goals four times throughout the year. It is too easy to write your yearly goals at the first of the year, and then never look at them again until the following January! By using 90-day goals, it will force you to review your yearly goals at least every 90 days. 

3. Puts a shorter deadline

Have you ever heard the concept that all tasks will grow to meet the allocated amount of time given? If we set goals for one year, it will most likely take one year to accomplish it! If you set your goal for 90 days, then odds are you will figure out a way to accomplish these goals in 90 days! This will allow you to get 4 times as much done throughout the year by using this 90 day deadline to push you further.

4. Very easy to wrap your head around

To imagine everything you can accomplish over the course of a year can be overwhelming. A year goes by fast, but it is still difficult to clearly imagine where you will be in a year from now. It is a far deadline! By using a 90 day goal, it is easier to visualize yourself only 90 days out vs 365 days out. If 90 days is still difficult for you to imagine, an easier way to think of it is this; what is an event that will be coming up 90 days from now? At the time of writing this, we are close to 90 days away from Christmas. So ask yourself, what would you like to accomplish by Christmas? 

5. Long enough to form new habits and make large changes

It typically takes 21 days to form a new habit. So, 90 days is MORE than enough time to form many new habits and create a HUGE change in your life. That could be at least 4 new habits your form, or 4 bad habits you remove! By changing 4 habits of your life over the next 90 days, I am sure that you can create large changes in your day to day life! What habits are you focusing on over the next 90 days?

6. Averages out outliers

If you are like me, or many other people, we tend to have some months that seem to go better than others. When I was in sales, some months I might have gotten lucky and had an exceptional month. (And some months I may have gotten unlucky and had a terrible month). However, 90 days will average out your good and bad months. This is helpful, because if you have a bad month, you know you can still make up for it with the other two months to still hit your goal! 

7. It's realistic - you can see the end!

Many times when we set out to form a new habit or routine it can be daunting. Such as a new diet. To go on a 1-year diet can be overwhelming! The end seems too far out of sight. If you have to wait an entire year to see the results, it is hard to keep yourself motivated to stay with your new diet that long! However, 90 days is much more realistic. To say, you will do something for 90 days to achieve your goals doesn't' seem as overwhelming or out of reach. 

8. Forces you to say "no"

Because 90 days is not that long, it will force you to say "no" to lots of other opportunities that may come up. Often times, our biggest obstacles that keep us from reaching our goals, aren't unforeseen troubles we run into, but rather, new goals that distract us! By having a 90 day goal, it will help us to prioritize what we need to be focusing on. It will help you to so "no," or shelf some new ideas or opportunities till later in the year so you can focus on hitting your number one 90 day goal.


In conclusion

90 day goals are the way to go! (at least we think.) So if you haven't written out your number one goal for the next 90 days, then get to it! NOW! Take out some paper and choose one goal to focus 100% on over the next 90 days. What goal, that once you accomplish it, will make the largest impact on your life?

Check out the Goal Crazy 90 Day Planner below to see how it can help you discover what your number one goal is, build a plan to achieve it, and track your progress daily!



Keep up the great work and goalcrazy! 


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