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5 reasons why is it important to write your accomplishments

5 reasons why is it important to write your accomplishments


How Focusing On Your Accomplishments Will Help You Achieve More Goal

Often times when someone talks about goals, it is easy for us to only focus on the things we haven't accomplished, and not on the many goals you have accomplished. It is helpful to periodically take time to write out your accomplishments and allow yourself to see all that you have done! Here are 5 reason's why you should take time out of your day TODAY to write out your accomplishments.


1. Give yourself some credit

No matter who you are, you have done a ton! Take some time to think about and recognize EVERYTHING you have accomplished. Allowing your self to visually see everything you have done will help you to build confidence. Here are some questions for you to think about:

- What is your biggest accomplishment?

- What are you proud of?

- What are your talents?

- What have you learned to do?

- Where have you visited?

- Who have you helped?

- What challenges have you overcome?


2. Focus on what you did do, not what you didn't

It is easy to think of all the things you haven't accomplished and it brings you down. I used to find my self regularly going to bed feeling stressed about everything I didn't accomplish throughout the day. Now, instead, I write out 3 things I accomplished each day, even if it is something small, like taking out the trash. I try to focus on what I DID do, rather than what I didn't. This has helped me to go to bed feeling more relaxed and accomplished (and improved my sleep).


3. Realize you did more than you thought 

 If you really take time to answer the questions above you will realize you have done a lot! Give your self some credit! Think back to some of those accomplishments, I am sure that many of them seemed HUGE or scary at the time. But you did it anyway! Give your self a pat on the back for all that you have done!


4. Track your time

It is easy to have a day or a week can go by and feel like it wasn't productive. Time goes by fast! By keeping a journal and writing out your accomplishments each day, you can start to realize where you are spending your time. It will also help you feel better about how you spent your time because you will be able to visually see what you accomplished, rather than thinking you were unproductive.


5. Motivate you to take on bigger challenges

Once you put all your accomplishments in writing, you will realize how strong you really are. This will help motivate you to think about what else you can accomplish! What do you want to be able to write down as an accomplishment next time? Look at how far you have come in your life, and imagine how much further you can go!


Alright, now start writing! Take out a piece of paper and answer the questions above. Give yourself some credit for all you have done, and then focus on what goals you are going to accomplish next!

To help with writing out your accomplishments and giving yourself a guide to reflect on your daily achievements, get your copy of the GoalCrazy Planner. It starts with a Life Crash Couse that will help you dive deeper into your life and find the many accomplishments you have and use them to help you form your goals to come. Check it out below!

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