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7 reason to have a planner in college

7 reason to have a planner in college

Benefits Of Having A Planner In College


School is here, its time to get organized! Throughout the school year, there are TONS to keep track of, and if you do not have a simple way to organize yourself, it is easy to feel stressed and possibly even forget about important tasks. Using a planner can help with this in many ways! Here a couple of large reasons for you to consider:


1. Lots of tasks to organize

With the many classes, clubs, sports, extra-circulars, jobs, and much more, there are SO many things to organize while you are in school. If you do not have a way to prioritize and plan the many activities, it is easy to become stressed out and possibly even forgetful of things that need to be done. Having a planner will give you a clear way to write out all that needs to be done, prioritize what is important, and plan when you will complete each activity.

2. Maintain a well-balanced life

With so much going on when in school, it is easy to let parts of your life fall behind. It is extremely important to make sure you dedicate time to the different areas of your life, such as health, fun, career, social, faith, etc. You will find that when you are living a well-balanced life, you will feel happier and more satisfied. Having a planner will make it easy for you to plan when you will dedicate time towards the different aspects of your life, making it easy to guarantee you maintain a balanced lifestyle.


4. Deadlines to keep track of

School requires many deadlines for you. Whether it is submitting assignments, studying for tests, turning in applications for clubs or jobs, there is a lot of important dates to keep track of! Without a planner showing you the important deadlines you have coming up, you can forget to turn in assignments or miss out on opportunities. Having a planner where you can put all your deadlines in one place can help you prioritize your time so you can make sure you do not miss any important dates.

5. Reduce stress

When you have lots of things on your mind that you know we need to do it is very easy to become overwhelmed and stressed. Putting your tasks on paper and then building a plan to accomplish them will help you to feel more relaxed about getting them all done. Also, specifically having a planner where you can plan your various tasks on different days can help even more! Instead of having a never ending to-do list of 20 tasks, you can prioritize and divide your tasks so that each day you only have 2-3 tasks to get done, and a written plan to accomplish everything over the coming week.

6. Form good long term habits

College is an amazing time to form great habits that can carry on into your career and life after school. A great example of this is good exercise habits. If you form the habit in college it will be much easier to maintain that habit once you graduate. Also, creating a method for scheduling and prioritizing all you need to get done can help you become much more productive and successful in the future after you graduate. Using a planner you can put a plan in writing to form these habits that will help you later on in life.

7. Rewarding to look back on

One of the most satisfying aspects of a planner is your ability to look back on all you have accomplished later down the road. It will be rewarding to look back into your planner, or journal, and see those activities or events that seemed so stressful at the time and see how you achieved them! This can help you to build confidence to take on bigger and grander challenges!


So, if you don't have a planner yet and are ready to get more organized, productive, and happier, get your GoalCrazy Planner NOW! 

 Keep up the great work, have an amazing school year!
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