What does it mean to be Goal Crazy?


Are You Ready to Do Something Crazy?

    I am sure if you are reading this, have heard how important it is to have goals. Many of us have done exercises through work or from a book that tells you the importance of writing your goals down. However, I want to tell you that just having goals, and writing them down is not even CLOSE to enough! If you want to achieve big goals, you need to be CRAZY about your goals! 

Being Crazy has 3 parts

1. Be CRAZY About Reaching Your Goals: You are not going to reach your goals by "going with the flow." You need to go ALL IN. Be determined. Be persistent. Be obsessed. BE CRAZY about reaching your goals.

2. Take CRAZY Action: How many people do you know who talk about doing things but never actually do them? DO NOT BE ONE OF THESE PEOPLE! Be the person who takes HUGE, crazy action towards their goals. Take risks, make mistakes, and take regular action towards your goal.

3. Live a CRAZY life: Do cool stuff! Don't get caught up in a routine that you never go out and experience life. Start a huge company, go on a unique trip, or have 12 kids. Do something crazy! 

    Hopefully, this short post will help you to become just a little bit more crazy about your own goals. Once you are done reading this, write out some of your own crazy goals. Make them BIG, challenging goals. If people aren't telling you your goals are crazy they aren't big enough. Set crazy big goals, and the go crazy about reaching them.