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How to write your CRAZY Goals

How to write your CRAZY Goals

C.R.A.Z.Y. Goals

When setting your goals it is important to give them the proper structure to help set yourself up for success. However, the most important thing is that you actually write them down! Writing out a plan will increase the chances that you will take action on them. Follow the CRAZY outline to help!

C - Clear: Make sure your goals are clear and specific. Don’t just say, “I will lose weight.” But rather, say “I will lose 10 pounds,” or “I will weigh 150 pounds.”

R - Realistic: When you are first starting to set goals, begin with smaller goals. Set goals that will push you, but that aren’t so out of reach that you set yourself up for failure. At the same time though, don’t set goals so small that you won’t see the value in working towards them.

As you begin reaching your goals and gaining confidence in the process, your idea of what is “realistic” will begin to expand. You will start to realize that you can use these steps to achieve bigger and better accomplishments! However, to learn the process and prove to yourself you CAN do this, start with small goals to gain momentum.

A - Accountable: Be accountable by giving yourself deadlines. Do you remember in school when a teacher would give you an assignment that you would wait until the night before to do? You would always get the work done, even if it meant staying up all night to do it. This is the power of accountability. Any activity will grow to meet the allocated amount of time given. So, use the power of accountability to force yourself to meet your deadlines and get the job done.

Z - Zippy: Get to it! Constantly take action! With any goal you set, the first step should be an action you can take RIGHT NOW. Today! Even if it is just making a phone call, sending an email, or researching information, have some urgency when it comes to your goals. Get in the habit of always finding what you can do NOW! Without urgency, it’s just good intentions.

Y - Yahoo: Celebrate your accomplishments! Choose some large milestones with your goals and give yourself a reward when you hit them. This will help give you more energy and motivation to stay working towards your goal!

Now get to it!

Start writing your goals and take action on them today!


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