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Why you NEED to be crazy about your goals

Why you NEED to be crazy about your goals

Take CRAZY Action!

Just setting a goal is not enough. Having a goal and writing it down is SUPER important, however for you to achieve it, you need to be CRAZY about reaching it. 

You need to be obsessed

If you aren't obsessed with reaching your goal, you will never accomplish it. Most goals will take more time, effort, and energy than anticipated, and if you aren't crazy about reaching it you will not be willing to put in the necessary effort to achieve it. You need to be convinced that you both NEED to accomplish the goal (sell yourself on all the benefits of achieving it) AND that you CAN ACHIEVE IT! Think of your goal as something you already have. Imagine yourself already in possession of it and know that it will be yours. Use the power of obsession to eliminate any obstacle and distraction from stopping you from having your goal.

You need to be willing to push your comfort zone

Lots of times people don't take action towards their goal because they are scared they will fail. They are scared of the unknown. First of all, if your goal isn't pushing your level of comfort, it isn't big enough! You need to have goals so big that you are forced to improve into the person who can accomplish them. It seems obvious, but for you to accomplish something you have never accomplished before, you will need to DO things you have never done before. Make yourself uncomfortable!

You need to be different

People with big goals are always going to be viewed as different than everyone else. Yes, people may think you are weird and may literally call you crazy. Which is GOOD! Do you want to be like everyone else? If you want a life that is above average, you must be willing to do what average people aren't willing to do. If you look at the most successful people today and throughout history, many of them were viewed as crazy when they were getting started. Someone who is going to make a massive change must be different then everyone else. Stop thinking of being different as a bad thing, and start looking for more ways you can be different! Being different is how you are going to get ahead.


You got this!

Write down your goal, and then start taking CRAZY action towards it. When people start calling you crazy you know you are on the right track.


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