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How to write your goals for the school year

How to write your goals for the school year


Make this school year GREAT!

College can be a very stressful time of life, especially the start to the school year. You are meeting lots of new people, beginning new classes, starting a new schedule, and oftentimes moving to a new city. There is a lot to keep track of and much you need to get done. Because of this, it is SO important to put your goals into writing to make sure they do not get lost in the shuffle. Here are some steps and tips to help you get started.


1. Get a fresh piece of paper and a pen

In a world full of touch screens and keyboards it is oftentimes rare we use a pen and paper anymore. But, make the exception today and get out some paper. Putting your goals on paper will help to keep you more focused. It will break you away from the SO many distractions that are on our phones and computers.


2. Set goals for all areas of your life

Since you are in college, obviously your school goals are very important. But don't let yourself get so focused on school that you forget to take care of your health, social life, etc. List out a few goals for the different areas of your life. Here are a few to help you get started: School, Health, Social, Financial, Career, Faith, and Fun. 


3. Connect your goals to your habits and routines

College is an amazing time to form new habits that will set you up for success. For your goals, try and break them down into their simplest form that can be turned into a habit or routine. For example, if your goal is to get over a 3.5 GPA this semester, you could turn that into the habit of spending 2 hours every night studying. Or if your fitness goal is to lose 5 pounds, you could make the routine of working out twice per week. For each goal write out the habits and routines you will start to help you reach them.


4. Reward yourself

Chose large milestones and accomplishments that you will reward yourself for achieving. For example, if you get an A on a test, your reward could be to treat yourself to some ice cream! This will help keep you motivated and excited about working towards your goals. 


5. Put your goals somewhere you regularly see them

Put your sheet with all your goals you have written somewhere you will regularly see it. For example, hang it above your desk. Having your goals out in front of you will keep you focused on working towards them and help to remind you why you are working so hard. 

6. Track your progress

Writing your goals out is GREAT, however, if you aren't tracking your progress how will you know if you are working towards them? Take time weekly or monthly to reflect on your goals and the progress you have made. For example, if your goal is to lose 5 pounds, write your weight down every month so you can see your progress!


7. Remember to take time for yourself

Lots of times in school it is easy to stay busy non-stop! If you have a small break throughout the day or week, don't be afraid to take a few minutes for yourself to rest or do something you enjoy. Make sure you take time to have fun and keep yourself from getting burned out.


Now Get Started!

If you haven't started writing yet do it now. To help give you a proven system and structure, order the Goal Crazy Planner now so you can start accomplishing your goals this school year!


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